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Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Tinting the windows in your home can offer many benefits for both security and aesthetics. Here are a few of the advantages of tinting the windows in your home or office:

1. Maintain Steady Temperatures

Once you get the windows tinted in your home, you will notice that it creates consistent temperatures across your home and all rooms. Oftentimes, if you have a room that is directly facing the sun it gets noticeably hotter than the others. Similarly, if you have a room that faces the shade it is cooler than the others. With residential window tinting, you can ensure the temperature of every room will be steadier and more consistent. That means you won't need to avoid certain parts of your home during certain parts of the day. You can always use every room - no matter what's going on outdoors.


2. Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Since window tint makes the temperature more consistent throughout your home, your HVAC system doesn't need to work as hard to regulate temperatures. This helps with energy conservation, thus reducing costs.


3. Keep Your Home Safe From Onlookers

If you have a home on a busy street or have a ground-floor room that is constantly in view of onlookers or passersby, you need to consider residential window tint. With tinted windows, you can protect yourself and your family from strangers walking by. No one will be able to see into your home to see what you are up to. Nor will they be able to see all of your valuables! One extra benefit - if there is a forcible break-in, the window tint will hold the glass in place longer than normal. This could give you extra time to call for help or for help to arrive.


4. Increase Safety if Your Windows Break

You can't account for the baseball-throwing habits of your neighbors or your children. If you have rambunctious little ones, then you can worry less about glass shards everywhere if your windows are tinted. Residential window tint holds the glass together if it does break, which increases your safety and makes cleanup a breeze.


5. Improve the Value of Your Home

If you've ever seen a home that has tinted windows, you were probably impressed by the sleek and modern look. There's something chic and fashionable about tinted windows, isn't there? For very little investment, you can improve your home's value in the market and its curb appeal. That's smart, long-term thinking - no matter how you look at it.


6. Protect From Glare and UV Rays

Having a hard time focusing on your computer screen or TV because of the glare? Been there. Residential window tint is a great way to reduce glare on bright, sunny days. Not only that, but it also reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home. This is a huge benefit since it reduces the risk of skin cancer.


7. Make Your Windows Easier to Clean

The great thing about residential window tint is that it's pretty low-maintenance. Not only is it scratch-resistant, but it is also water-resistant! That means you won't need to worry as much about fingerprints marking up your windows. Spend less time cleaning your windows? Sold!

Residential Window Tint for the WIN!

If you are convinced that residential window tint is a great idea for your home or office and you want to get on board, the first step is to schedule a consultation. There are many different options for residential window tint and we want you to be aware of each of these options before you make a decision. Different films have different looks and properties. This is why a consultation is so crucial in the buying process. It gives you a clear-cut idea of what you are wanting in your own home. Everyone has unique needs and desires when it comes to window tint - so you don't want to go into it blindly. Contact us to schedule a FREE estimate for your home or office!

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