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What Questions Should I Ask When Shopping Around for a Ceramic Coating?

Choosing a company to protect your vehicle can be a daunting task. There are so many companies using different brands that can lead to false promises and unrealistic expectations. Our goal is not to point you straight to our company, but to arm you with the right questions to ask any company you interact with.

Question 1: Are you certified? These jobs are not simple and require a skilled technician. This is a question to ask every company you inquire with - even your new car dealership. Many of these dealerships have technicians installing sealants when they claim they are installing ceramic coatings. Any technician should at least be certified with the coating company they are installing for. This shows that the coating is legitimate and the company stands behind it. Question 2: Are you insured?

Again, these jobs are not simple and require a certain level of skill. EVERY ceramic coating installed should be receiving some level of polish or paint correction - even if it came right off the showroom floor. Today's paint is coming thinner and thinner from the factory. This leaves the technician less to work with and knowing how to produce the best results takes experience and skill. Even the most skilled technicians can make errors and you want to be sure they are able to cover YOU when mistakes happen. Insurance is a clear sign that they take their business and the clients seriously. Question 3: How many vehicles have you done?

No matter what service you are having done, there is no comparison to real-life experience. Technicians can have all of the training in the world, but without real hands-on experience, training can mean little. Every vehicle has its own unique challenges. Knowing how to handle each of these challenges takes experience. The more experience the business has tells you a few things. First, it tells you that the company has done this type of work many times and knows what they are doing. It also tells you how long they plan on sticking around. A business that has been providing service for 5 years and has thousands of installs under its belt is much more likely to meet (and even exceed) your expectations. Their reputation matters strongly to them. The new installer with 10 installs and just started in the business has the potential to fail as a business. It's not a fun subject to talk about - but it is a reality.

Question 4: Do you perform a paint correction before applying the coating?

This is a CRUCIAL step in the process. Not only does this enhance the shine and gloss of the coating, but also decontaminates the paint and opens the pores so the coating can adhere better. Paint correction is a systematic process that removes defects, swirls, and scratches in the paint - even coming right from the manufacturer. Some level of correction should be performed before every ceramic coating installation. This ensures the best-finished product and longevity of the coating.

Question 5: Are you licensed? In the state of Missouri, it is required for all businesses to have a license. Having a business that is willing to operate illegally to save costs should tell you everything you need to know about that business. Choose businesses that are following the law of the land. This speaks volumes to the integrity of the business.

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