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What You Should Know About Interior Coatings

More often than not, our clients are surprised when we tell them that we can apply a ceramic coating to the interior of their vehicles. We decided to write a post about the benefits of an interior coating and why your interior should be protected. Here at Extensive Detailing, we can apply a ceramic coating to leather, fabric, plastic, rubber, and carpets on the interior of your vehicle. By why?

When it comes to ceramic coating a vehicle's interior it's all about protection. The coatings make the interior of your vehicle easier to maintain because dirt and debris struggle to stick to a ceramic coating.

Surfaces like leather and plastic need regular conditioning to prevent fading and cracking. The sun causes irreversible UV damage to the interior of your vehicle. The best way to protect your leather is an interior protective coating. These coatings protect your leather from water, stains, and UV damage.

There are several DIY and consumer-grade products on the market designed for protecting your interior. However, these products require re-application every 3 months minimum. They do their job but don't offer any long-term protection. This is the biggest difference between a ceramic coating and consumer-grade protection. Ceramic coatings provide long-term protection that is dependable. They are also designed for strength and durability.

However, the biggest benefit of an interior ceramic coating is how easy your vehicle will be to clean and maintain. Consider a frying pan. If you have ever cooked with a Teflon or other non-stick frying pan then you can imagine the benefit of a ceramic coating. This is the very concept of interior coatings. In short, they create a layer of protection similar to a non-stick pan. This makes them incredibly easy to clean and offers a layer of protection that otherwise wouldn't exist.

These coatings don't change the feel or texture of any of the interior surfaces. Rather, they create a micro-film on top of the surface to repel any spills or stains. In fact, several of our clients have reached back out to us and stated that they forgot they had an interior coating until something spilled and didn't soak into the carpet. They were able to take a towel or rag and simply soak up the liquids rather than spend an hour scrubbing at the stain.

For more information about interior coatings, reach out to us on any of our platforms. We would love to answer any questions you may have!

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